Piss Poor(ly)

This Female Urinal comes via a Non-Ceramics blog that I wanted to turn people onto. Badder Homes and Gardens is written by a Trio of ladies out of Dallas, Texas. A fabulous site "that understands even cynical bitches want their homes to look pretty."
They find some great stuff and have a great sense of humor.

Of course the inherent sexism of urinals are not a new subject here on Slipcast, Please revisit Kim Dickey's Lady J's featured here.


EmilyKate said...

Hahahahahahahha YUCK!

Matthew Katz said...

You know you LOVE it! Freaky eh?

EmilyKate said...

Hehehehe... yeah I kinda do love it ;o)

Though I've had limited first-hand exposure to urinals throughout the course of my life, I can go you one worse:


luce said...

Fantastically Hilarious! Thanks for all the great info. you blog- it's really interesting to follow. Also, thanks for following my puny little one, I'll be posting the info and pics about the kiln we just built and images of current work soon. Cheers! ")