Slipcast-Ceramics Blogging

Welcome to Slipcast-The Ceramics blog.
This blog will look at the world of ceramics from an artist's, teacher's, and clay maker's perspective.
I love ceramics, Not just pottery, all ceramics. I love slipcast figurines, I love post-modern ceramics, I love tile, everything gets me excited. My formal education is in ceramic art. I also am an expert in the technical side of ceramics. I have worked for 10 years as a consultant in the Ceramic Engineering field, and will post quite a bit on that too. I will also try to feature my favorite artists, Friends, things I find online, technical discussions, and everything else.
About Me
My name is Matthew Katz.
I am a ceramist, living in Alfred, NY.
I teach Materials at Alfred University-The New York State College of Ceramics.
I have a BFA from Alfred
I have an MFA from The University of Colorado-Boulder
I also work as a consultant in the Ceramic Engineering field.
I am currently starting a Gourmet Clay business, which will be shipping in September 2008. Find us at www.mattanddavesclays.com
(The link is dead at the moment, but the site will be up soon)
So I hope everyone will return