Mugs for the Blind

This mug for the blind was designed by Sang-hoon Lee and Yong-bum Lim.
It has a series of sensors that detect fill level and alerts the user as to how full the cup is.

Anyone who is blind, or just tried to fill a cup in the dark will tell you how difficult this can be. As the cartoon demonstrates the only really way is to stick you fingers in the cup.

Which a) Can be gross. b) Not pleasant is the beverage is hot. So this is an elegant technological solution.

Good work.


Via: Neat-o-Rama


Alex Solla said...

I was wondering if you'd come across this yet. I saw it yesterday or Sat on Gizmodo. Love the idea of a blind man's mug. Very cool.

Matthew Katz said...

I've banned myself for blogging on the weekend. Mrs. Rose would have my head! So I've been sitting on it for a few days.
It is supercool!