This is an online ceramics database of images. A pretty cool resource, for contemporary ceramics work. I had to pull a few images from some friends of Slipcast : )

The project is hosted by Lewis & Clark College and is curated by a five person panel.

From their website

accessCeramics is a growing collection of images of contemporary ceramics by recognized artists. It is designed for use by artists, arts educators, scholars and the general public, and is intended to fill a void in contemporary ceramics digital image collections on the web. The images are stored within the Flickr photo sharings system, and accessible through this website as well as the Flickr interface.

Submissions are juried by a curatorial board, which consists of the founders of the Collection, Ted Vogel (Assistant Professor of Art, Program Head in Ceramics, Department of Art, Lewis & Clark College) and Margo Ballantyne (Visual Resources Curator, Watzek Library, Lewis & Clark College) along with Namita Wiggers, Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in Portland, Oregon, Thomas Orr, Professor of Art and head of Ceramics at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, and Richard Burkett, Professor of Ceramics at San Diego State University.

If the collection is expanded effectively and curated well, with meta data. This could be an essential resource.


accessCeramics Blog

Flickr Page

Via: Jesse Lu @ The (Mud)bucket


Jesse Lu said...

Isn't this awesome!!!

Matthew Katz said...

I think so. Thanks for the heads up.