Artstream Ceramic Library

Ohhh, this makes me tingly. I saw this this morning on Steve Colby's Blog and I just had to re-post it. Andy, Alleghany, and Steve are old friends of Slipcast and they are wonderfully smart people. If you don't know them be sure to check out This Article on Andy and the websites for The Matter Factory and Alleghany's gallery in Aspen, CO The Harvey/Medows Gallery. The Art Stream Gallery which makes all this possible. Steve's Blog and Website.

The Library has landed…

A special delivery from the Matter Factory arrived today.

Another Artstream project spearheaded by Alleghany Meadows and Andy Brayman is set to launch at the Aspen Farmers Market this Saturday:

Artstream Ceramic Library

beginning with a collection of mugs made by a collection of American potters, the Artstream Ceramic Library will be loaning out its collection to the general public.

each pot in the collection is housed in an individual handmade wood box and emblazoned with a corresponding catalog # and Artstream Ceramic Library decal.

first piece out of the box was item 09-013-03, a beautiful mug made by Elizabeth Robinson Wiley.

we’ll be sending pots into homes (in their handsome carrying cases) asking only a story, photo, recipe and eventual safe return. There is a website being developed as we speak that will collect and catalog all of the objects, stories and travels that are part of our growing library.

i’ll keep you posted…

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