What's white and sounds like a bell?

This clock is somewhat ingenious. It is designed for any piece of ceramic, not just the vase featured. On the hour the hammer strikes the ware to announce time. Of course by changing the vase you can get all kinds of different tones.

I know a lot of you clay dingers out there would like the sound of ringing porcelain more then dirty old brass bells.

Designed by Georgios Maridakis
Via:Yanko Design


Beaman the Interiors Chap said...

Interesting concept. I am not sure I would want that tapping some of my more delicate vases though.

Matthew Katz said...

No Risk, No Reward!
Live fast and leave beautiful shards!

Welcome to Slipcast Beaman.

Erin said...

Nice! I would buy it :) If it's too much for fragile pots, just use it for seconds.

[nancy + andy] said...

If anything, this device would allow you to say for certain that your pottery can withstand the test of time!

Matthew Katz said...

The Test of time!
Hey, I write the puns around here
; )