Sexism Lives

This post is just for the fellas, I'm sorry to say.
Now, I was raised by a ardent feminist, Mrs. Katz is a crusader for equal rights to this day. As am I. I believe that the sexes are equal in all respects...except one. The glorious Urinal. Oh yeah Baby.
I love the urinal. I have informed Mrs. Rose that when we build our dream house, each bathroom is getting a urinal.


I came across this site celebrating the Urinal. Not the R. Mutt arts version. Even though I posted the Ann Agee, Kohler Men's room At the top of this post (just to class up the joint). This site is just about the functional urinal.

If any of you have visited Alfred, you will know that the ONLY thing in Alfred that is worth seeing, is not the ceramics department. It is the Ginormous urinal in Alex's Bar. Seriously you could take a bath in it. It is a porcelain behemoth.

Now, their are alternatives for the ladies. My grad school professor Kim Dickey, got her start making Lady J's. But I could do a whole post on those.

So enjoy the flow of freedom gentlemen.


Anonymous said...

matthew... i had some friends that had urinals in their bathrooms and whenever i visited i wondered why i didn't have one at my house. those glamour shots are nice, as i always say... i'm a sucker for blue and white. and boy would i love to pee in that urinal on the bottom

Matthew Katz said...

It would be an honor to use that particular urinal.
Also, urinals in the home would end the eternal "Put the seat down" Argument.