No Limit Texas Dreidel

I have Matzo on my face. Yesterday I had this post about spinning top salt and pepper shakers. Except that I originally spelled the word "Dradle" instead of "Dreidel". Now as many of you know, my last name is Katz, a fairly Jewish name. The problem being that it is just the name, Dr. and Mrs. Katz raised me Atheist. On top of that Mrs. Katz is goyim. So, I will admit to being poorly educated when it come to judaica.

The benefit of all this is that my post was picked up by Jennie Rivlin Roberts @moderntribe_jew on Twitter. Jennie has a great site over at Modern Tribe. My favorite part being the game they developed- No Limit Texas Dreidel! I Know! How Awesome!
Check out the Video,

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