Interstate 430

I have titled this post Interstate 430. Because that is what we are an interstate (and international) collective of 430 Bloggers.

That's right everyone. 430 Ceramics Blogs.

That is what the list has grown to. Thanks to some great leads from readers yesterday, and finding a stash of new blogs, we crossed 400 and are well on the way to 450.

It is funny how a lot of these bloggers live in pockets, circling their blogs amongst their own friends. Community is great, but what I am trying to accomplish is to use the internet effectively and expand the community.

So please, everyone get out there and interact. North Carolina, get out there and have a conversation with New York. New Jersey and California, It's ok if you hold hands and have a little P.D.A.

Just everyone be careful around Massachusetts, it gets rowdy when it drinks and I think it may have a social disease. Just kidding Massachusetts, you know being a Mainer I can't let you slide without a little ribbing!

So explore the list to the right and make friends.


Judy Shreve said...

I like the way you think! Clay people are a friendly group anyway -- we just need to know where the parties are!

Matthew Katz said...

I try. : )

vicki hartman said...

love it and will do!