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Weekend update in the middle of the week.

Mrs. Rose and I took a long weekend to go down to Maryland, for Mrs. Katz's Birthday. We had a great time. My cousin Christopher and two of his children were there, Along with my sister Miss Sarah. We had a lovely time lounging by the pool and gossiping about everyone who wasn't there.

On Sunday, Dr. Katz, Mrs. Rose and I went to Camden Yards to see The Red Stockings of Boston challenge the Oriels of Baltimore. There was a royal smiting. 18 to 10 in favor of the Red Sox. It was exceptionally triumphant. It was a nice time for The Doctor and I as in my New England youth we attended many games at Fenway Park.

It was lovely, with the exception being that it was incredibly hot, with no shade and no breeze. I seriously do not know how anyone lives south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Our house purchase is proceeding with much expedience. The bank approves, so it is only up to time and the lawyers. We are very excited!

I wanted to give a shout out to Chris at SoCal Potters Blog, for giving out his own shout out to Porcelain for the People. We love the attention! He has a nice blog of his own and everyone should give it a look see.

If you haven't had a chance stop by Matt and Dave's Clays Website. Our new Online Store is up and running. It is powered by Google Checkout, so you know it is secure! We are shipping to all 50 States for the same low price. So there is no reason for you West Coast Ceramicists not to give us a try.

Also, Matt and Dave's Clays is now on Facebook. So stop by and become a fan!

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