Hot or Not

I hesitate to be as simplistic as that, but that is the question.
As many of you know, I am a stickler for obsessive function. But I do apprecaite whimsy.
So I was conflicted when I came across this object on The Kitchn, a food blog.

Called the Tingle Tangle and made by atelierOKER, see the original on Etsy

Post your responses in the comments.


ANI said...

Not. The ones that are straighter are cute, and useable, but looking at this one I first thought it was a spoon rest, bit then realized it's a bit too small...

And it's not pretty enough to be a useless object to be admired.

lindsey said...

i disagree. HOT. especially the curlicue design. simple. rustic. funky. anything that makes food more fun!


Matthew Katz said...

I do find it hilarious that the first two comments are from what I assume are the only 2 non-ceramics people (besides Dr. and Mrs. Katz) who read this blog.