New Coup!

The new Coup is here! The new Coup is here!

We have taken all that was great about The Coup and made it better, and by better, I mean cheaper! Now only $13.50 per box. 

But that's not all. We've made the clay itself even better. If you used the clay before, it works exactly the same, our testers have universally loved it.

It now has a even better thermal expansion, to assist you with glaze fit. It now has a CTE of 5.6, perfect for a porcelain,

Other Facts.
Density 2.38
Absorption 0.2
Wet to Fired Shrinkage- 13.16%
Wet to Dried Shrinkage-4.5%

Come on over to www.mattanddavesclays.com and get some New Coup.