We Have Chemistry Together.

Today is random stuff day at Slipcast, so we will have a few non-ceramics related things that I love.
As I am elbows deep in my glaze calc class I had to post this because I have been talking chemistry, a lot. To all the ceramicist who are out there who are trying to learn glaze calc on their own, I offer this advice. There are only 10 elements that you need to focus on. Lithium, Sodium, and Potassium, the first column of the periodic table. Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium, and Barium, The second column. These two groups are the fluxes and the neat thing about the periodic table is that if elements are in the same column then they work in a similar way. So to say, Lithium, Sodium and Potassium, all do the same thing. Silica and Alumina, are the glass formers and are on the right hand side. Boron is a glass former too, but you only have to worry about that if you are working at low temperature. That's it, understand what these 10 elements do and you will be on your way to understanding glaze chemistry.

This quilt was made by Cherry_Blossom55 over at Craftster.
found via: Unique Daily

This really makes me think about my parents, as my mother is a quilter and my father's undergraduate degree is in chemistry. I should call them.

Take a dip in the Pool

This glass pool table is by Nottage Design. The glass surface is coated with a clear resin that makes the ball roll like a fabric surface. Very beautiful, I want one. I love playing pool, but I hate hanging out at bars so I don't get to play much.
via: Unique Daily

Shark Attack!

Well, I just love these Shark dorsal fin accessories. I want to put them in a cup and let them fight it out.
The Tea Infuser is from Design Boom and the Ice Cube tray is from play.com



Anyone who has taken my materials classes will know that a chipped plate is not necessarily a bad thing. Chipping releases the tension that build up in the tension of a plate rim and keeps the whole plate from breaking. These plates from The Ornamented Life accent that detail beautifully.
Via: A Plate a Day

Does 9 lives count as Resurection?

As many of you know I am a radical atheist, and like all atheists I am obsessed with all things religious. I guess we are just trying to understand all this stuff. That said here is the life of Christ... as portrayed by a cat...awesome. I love this quote from the post.

"The Life Story of Jesus,gloriously captured in cats by internationally reviled Birthday Card artist Antonio Fictitio.Crafted in the finest Armitage Shanks Urinal Grade Porcelain."

Garth, I think you have some competition.

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Balanced Meal

Ashley Thorfinnson a first year graduate student at Pratt made this bowl that moves as you eat from it. This causes soup easier to access as the volume decreases. Very nice idea.

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