NCECA 2012- Be there!

Hey All,

I want to invite everyone to come to our talk next week at NCECA in Seattle.

Myself (Matt Katz), Dave (Finkelnburg) and Bill Carty are presenting our Lecture/Panel "So You Want To Talk About Glaze Chemistry?" On Thursday the 29th at Noon in Ballroom 6A.

It is going to be a great talk, Dave is going to speak on "How Glazes Melt". Talking about the ins and out of how materials do their thing in the kiln.

I have a talk about Mid-Temperature glazes. I have done some research that I am really proud of. I take a look at how Mid-temperature glazes work. Exploring how we get glazes that perform well at Mid-Temperature. Also examining some of the unknown pitfalls in durability and safety in Mid-temperature glazes that is right before our eyes and we don't even know about it!

Finally, Bill Carty is going to present his fantastic research on "Forensic Ceramics". Where in he was able to discover the methods and techniques of 12th Century Korean ceramics, using modern ceramic science. And how those techniques effect us today.

All of this will be capped of by a Q&A lead by our friend Tina Gebhart.

So please come on by and see our talk! And if you see us wandering around, please feel free to stop us and says hi or ask us any questions you may have.

See you in Seattle!

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Out of your Gourd

Hey, Sports fans!

I  hope everyone is doing exceptionally well. Spring has sprung here in Alfred. Mrs. Rose's Crocuses are blooming and our neighbor's bee hives are buzzing.

Today's find is a not A ceramical one, but is one that those slip-casters can take part in.
Instructables has a profile on how to shape a gourd into the shape of your choosing. With just the application of a plaster mold your Fall gourds can be the most decorative in town!


Slipcast is brought to you by Matt and Dave's Clays