"Porcelain for the People-I love it! I love it! I love it! "

"I have to say that was the nicest clay I've ever used."

Those are the kind words and that is the sweet face of
Kathy King. Renowned Ceramic Artist out of Atlanta. If you don't know Kathy, she is super cool. A luscious potter with the sickest sgraffito around. Kathy was kind enough to try Porcelain for the People by Matt and Dave's Clays and here is what she has to say on the subject.

"I just got my mugs out made from Matt and Dave's Clays...this clay is delicious and I heart it.

It was absolutely delicious to throw, carve and went through my wreckless carving techniques like a champ!  Much whiter in color than the competitors at that cone range (I fired to cone six).  I also used your Stuck Up Slip to attach my handles and you can see that worked like a charm as well.

I've also found that with some other brands, my hands would get eerily itchy after throwing. I've never been sure why that is but it does, indeed, creep me out. Matt and Dave's clays were luscious to work with and as I'm not a fan of the Cadillac, I'll say that their products are the "Pimped-Out Hot Rod with Flames" of clay. I'm an absolute fan! xoxox" -Kathy King

There you have it folks. Words from on High.

Get some today at www.mattanddavesclays.com. Our online store is open and secure. We have Porcelain for the People, Stuck Up-The Amazing Attaching Slip, and Cast Away Slip. We also have snack pack sized samples of Porcelain for the People. A couple of pounds for you to try for just the cost of shipping. All of this is ready
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Go out there and Get Some!

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