The Potter

I came across this video first at Ceramika Sylwia Kolasinska and at Jesse Lu's The (mud)bucket blog.

I have some questions. but for now I am just going to assume that apparently the world views ceramicists as friendly, mystical monsters.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mrs. Rose and I had a good time, not packing. Friday with our friends the Fecteau-Volk's, and Janna at the Stuben County Fair for a night of Fire and Destruction (Literally how it was advertised). Monster Trucks, Motorcycle Jumping, and men lighting themselves on fire (intentionally and not, don't play with fire kids).

This is a picture of a guy who was being dragged behind an ATV into a pool of burning gasoline. About 1/2 second after this picture, the guy let go too early and ended up on fire. Luckily he was was put out with only burns on his hands, but pretty freaky none the less.

Thanks to Mrs. Fecteau-Volk for the Pictures.

Good times.


Anonymous said...

hi matt, wish they could've just left it without the magic... the way the kid just kept trying and gradually improving is the main message. no worthy goal is easy. by the way, posted about your clay today, http://jimgottuso.wordpress.com . i'm photographing this week and if you want better photos to use for some reasons, i could email you a couple. also, i think you're up in central ny somewhere and i may be coming up there to visit my family outside utica. if i do, i want to make a trip to see gary, maybe alex and maybe come and get a couple hundred pounds of the clay. it'd save me shipping whatever that would come to. if this is doable, send me an email.

Matthew Katz said...

I agree on the video. The whole things was a little weird and the messages were skewed.

Bob Brehmer said...

interesting video,but the ending was a bit of a let-down, seeing the "magic" interrupting the wonderful process that is learning to throw. the kid was getting it right before the "magic" intervened.
I threw my first 2 bowls with your clay; very clean and smooth with just a hint of "bones"(ability to stand up well). the next pieces will give a more accurate test,but I'll let you know how they come out. I"m looking forward to it working well,with all the clay knowledge that is mixed into it. If you would like my blog for the list, it's www.bobbrehmerpottery.blogspot.com. thanks

angihatspots said...

Hi maththew thanks for potting my blog on ya list. its good cos down in Southwest england altho there are potters around don' see much of them. So its good to be in contact with some. its all time constraints and i focus on making my pots rahther than networking.