Engine Down

Thanks to Carole Epp for this one.
This is work by Clint Neufeld, an artist I have never heard of, but I am floored by. 
These are exactly what they look like. Perfectly made engines and other mechanical parts of clay. I really have nothing to add, because I am so stunned. 
I wish I could get to this show. It is at the Two Rivers Gallery 725 Civic Plaza. Prince George, BC. and is up until July 3rd. 


Stuck in a glass cage of emotion

Hey All,
Sorry for the absenteeism. I've been having a heck of a time with blogger recently, it has not been letting me log in so I haven't been able to post.

Anyway, I've got some things mothballed now that I can bring to you in all its ceramical glory.

This donut holder from Pinch Food Design,  leaves me teetering on an edge. I like the design and the presentation, but talk about a Uni-tasker. I've talked before about the Alton Brown notion of the lack of value in the object that only serves on purpose.

Now, of course the context is that Pinch Food Design is trying to create intimate, food experiences, through alternative presentation.

There is value in that?

But my question, is. Is there real value in the labor of fetishistic presentation? Is art and food advanced based on the amount of time that the designer and makers spent on this object? Or is it just a one liner, where someone can say "Oh, that's cool" and move on with their day?



Also, don't forget that there is still space available for my Glaze Calc class "Glaze of our Lives", June 27th -July 1st, at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill in beautiful Truro, MA.



Help Wanted

Hey Everyone.
As you may know, My Wife is pregnant and she is looking for someone in the Alfred, New York area with glaze expereince for her maternity leave at Trikeenan Tile.  It would start ASAP and go until October/November. Is anyone interested or know anyone who may be?


Matchstick Girl

Ayumi Horie puts us all to shame. Not only is she a great and prolific potter. She is a great fundraiser as she and some friends raised $90,000 through Handmade for Japan.
All that and she and some friends found the time to put together this video for her matchstriker. I just have no words for how well written and produced it is. She put together a championship team of friends, family and professionals to put this little film together.
Great stuff!


Glaze Calc for the People!

Hey All,

How is everyone feeing about their Glaze Calc skills? Wanna learn? Wanna Refresher? Wanna know more?

Then I have the opportunity for you! I am returning for a command performance to the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill for my Glaze Calc class "Glaze of our Lives".

The class is taking place in beautiful, Truro, Massachusetts from June 27th-July 1st. It is an amazing place at the best time of the year.

We will explore the ins and outs of glazes. How and why they work and how and why they don't work.
We will talk about surface, temperature, materials, chemistry and everything in between.

I hope to see you all there. We're going to have a great time!



It is you, It is you.

Alexandre de Betak's had some custom made items for his home in Majorca, Spain. Included in that was this Ashtray in the form of R2D2. 

...hmm, yeah it is cute and artesianal, but, I hope George Lucas sues his ass for turning something so cute into an ashtray. 1) It is an ashtray, 2) Design wise, are you really going to plop that thing on top of a beautifully designed droid?

Also, he couldn't have made a side table! Come on. R2D2 was a fricking side table!

Thanks to Garth over at Extreme Craft for the link