For Dan

"Great vocab didn't save the Thesaurus"

It was just this weekend that our friend Dan stated.
"When I was a kid, I thought a Thesaurus was a well read dinosaur"
Too bad I already got his Christmas present.



This is not

This Mother Cupper is made of 33 Porcelain plates suspended from the ceiling. Entitled "Ceci n'est pas" it was designed by Bertrand Fevre and was made at Limoges. It can be currently seen at Gallery S.Bensimon in Paris.




I've got a woody.

I have to say, I don't know if I approve.

The Kami Mug
Kami means paper, and the Kami mug is hand crafted in a workshop in Hokkaido Japan by Hidetoshi Takahashi. The cup is made from Castor Aralia wood, shaped using a potter’s wheel (Katz's note: I believe they mean Lathe, unless that is the softest of soft woods) and coated with a food safe resin.




Nine years since my first date with my Sweetie. 
Love you, Mrs. Rose.


Menorah-ty Report

Although my name implies otherwise, I am not a member of the tribe.
That said, I have always have had a soft spot for the menorah. I like it as a conceptual project.
"Make something that holds nine flames. No other rules."
That said. I've been a little disappointed this year. I haven't found a lot of ceramic menorahs that I am crazy about. But I find there three to be charming examples of what ceramic menorahs can be.