What? I don't see a problem with that.

This mayor simply has his priorities straight. People just don't understand the passion for Porcelain. Sheesh!

Pécs mayor slammed for blowing struggling city's cash on porcelain tchotchkes


There's a nice little catfight going on down in the southern capital of Pécs, where the Fidesz-KDNP mayor, Zsolt Páva, is being denounced by his socialist enemies for wanting to spend some of the cash-strapped city's scarce financial resources buying up a private collection of porcelain. According to nol.hu, Bertalan Tóth, president of the local Socialist chapter, criticized Páva's plans to spend Ft 350 million (€1.3 million) to purchase a collection of 600 items made at the Pécs Zsolnay porcelain factory, which are currently owned by US collector László Gyugyi. (The Hungarian-American Gyugyi is said to have offered to sell the collection to the Pécs government for half its commercial value.) The paper Tóth as saying that Páva is spending money that "can only be covered by playing the lottery." Not sure if that is true, but it certainly seems a better bet than getting the money unloading the municipality's shares in the money-bleeding Zsolnay factory.

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