I Need You

UPDATE. Thanks everyone, We've taken the lead! But I forgot that Stuck Up is Up for Best Underglaze Product! Please give it a vote too! Link
Hey All,
I need a favor from each and everyone of you.
There is a poll over at about.com's pottery page.
Matt and Dave's Mid temperature Porcelain, the Coup is in the running for Best Mid Range clay in their readers poll. I would be thrilled if you could pop over there and give us a quick vote. It won't take but a second.
Remember, treat this like Chicago, Vote early and Vote Often!




I am never much of one for the Ceramical sub-genre of "Blobjects", a term that so perfectly encapsulates the field that I need not say more. They are a totally mystery to me. Of course I "get them" but I admit that I see little relevance to them. And I'm not sure that anyone but ceramicists have any interest in them.  To be honest, whenever I see blobjects all I can think of is The Far Side cartoon "Cow Tools"

That said, these Angela Vases are a nice twist on the genre. Built out of slipcast porcelian and smokes sheet glass, they make a nice addition to the mantle gallery.




The Rabbit of Caerbannog

Hiyo Katz and Kittens,
Sorry about being M.I.A.I have been sick with an obnoxious cold that is not all that bad, but will not go away. Subsequently I spend all of my non working time, sleeping. So obnoxious. I'm still not at my best but today is my first morning in a while when I don't feel my own mortality creeping up behind me.
I keep the spirit of the Lunar New Year in my heart all year long (Take that Christmas!) So in the spirit on continuing the celebration, I share with you the Giant Porcelain Rabbit of Jingdezhen. That of course being the home of Porcelain in China and subsequently the International home of porcelain. it is quite a place and ever ceramicist should make their holy journey to see it.
To celebrate the new year, Jingdezhen has constructed a giant porcelain rabbit is composed of 30,000 pieces.
Unfortunately it looks like the words greatest Pinata to me. Smashy, smashy.



8 Bit

Not ceramical, but who doesn't look back fondly at 8 bit? For your nerdy Valentines Day, of course.
From the Brainiacs at Think Geek. At least the flowers will last.