NCECA 2011

Hey All, 
Sadly we are not at NECEA this year. But we are working on some Big Things for next year!
But you can still pick up some Select Matt and Dave's products. Stop by the Atlanta Clay Booth and they will hook you up!
Have a great time and stay warm!



Play-Annoyed Grunt!

This little number is a crafty little piece of marketing.
Found recently in London, this is a Play-Doh recreation of a Chevy Orlando. It is made of 1.5 tons of the blue stuff and it took eight artists two weeks to make.
I just hope that when they were done to it they donated the Play-doh to kids charities.



Handmade for Japan

Update, The auction has been moved to the 24th-27th, Also Handmade for Japan has been mentioned buy the New York Times!

Hey All.

Ayumi Horie has put together a charity auction to raise money for relief efforts in Japan. The auction will take place on eBay on March 18-20th. So bid early, bid often. get some great art and help those in need.

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The great thing about ceramic jewelery is that it is castable and it is not stuck with the expense of metals.
Daniel Zelig has taken this notion and run with it to make some really fun wearable pieces.

Contact him



I can see right through you

Hey All, 

So I've been doing some tests on the new Snow White Mid-temperature Casting Slip. This is our upcoming Ultra White Porcelain and it is fantastic!

I thought y'all would like this. This piece has been fired to Cone 6 and is full vitrified and fully translucent! I am super psyched. I've never seen anything like this, Have you? Not to sound creepy, but you can see the light passing through my fingers, through the clay!

Snow White is almost ready for public consumption, just a few more tests to run and finalizing artwork. 

Here is a button so you can see the whiteness.  



500 and Beyond

Hey All.
Well I really don't know what to say.
Today's post celebrates two incredible milestones. First, this is my 500th Post. That is a lot of ceramical stuff and I've had a blast with it. I'm so happy that so many of you like what I am doing. It is great to have the community out there and I'm so happy that people love stuff like the blog list and my posts. It keeps me going.

The other news is that Mrs. Rose as well as our Hounds, Flash and Sophie are adding to our family!
Come late August we will have a little Katz joining our pack. We will have a little one we can teach all about ceramics... and who will decided to become an accountant anyway.
 We are excited, although Flash and Sophie do not understand that they have been usurped. The will be fine, they have been around babies before and are great with kids.

So that is the news, I'll keep you updated as we go along, fingers crossed.