Birdhouse in your Soul

Hi All!

I'm still here. Sorry for the absence.
As you can imagine, Mr. Baby is taking up all of my free time. It has been exhausting but wonderful. He a a great baby. Snuggly, fun and playful and he just started sleeping through the night! Victory. We couldn't ask for a better little man.

For you today I have these birdhouses (Bird homes?) from my friend Kris Lyons. I don't think Kris has a website but if you are interested in them or putting them in a gallery, contact me and I will put you in touch with Kris.

Kris is one of my favorite makers and her art has brought discord to my family. You see, when I went to Grad School my art collection went into storage at my parents house. The one piece of art that my parents asked if they could keep on display was a piece by Kris of a girl riding an clothes iron.They loved it as much as I did and they kept it on display in the best spot in their house.

After school, I asked my parents if they could keep my collection until we bought a house. Down the road, Mrs Rose and I acquired our dream abode and so I informed my parents that I would be reclaiming the collection. My Father informed me that I owed him money, and that he was going to be keeping Iron Girl to settle our debt. Bastard!

To this day, there she sits in their house ironing away,