I have a controversial standpoint and I will take your abuse in the comments. I don't prefer real maple syrup. Now don't get me wrong. I like it just fine and God know that when the Top Secret Pancake house near Alfred opens for the season soon, I will be there. But when it comes to the syrup I reach for, I go for the fake stuff.

I also am not a fan of soaking my pancakes. I confuse Mrs. Rose as I stack my pancakes and then cut them one at a time and not slicing through the whole stack. What I am trying to say, is that I am pancake weird.

My pancake fastidiousness is being satiated bu this new syrup reservoir plate by uncommon goods. I think that this is for more than just pancakes, sauces would do very well here too.
None to shabby.





I am again behind the times. As I assume all of you have heard, Eva Zeisel passed away at the age of 105. We should all be so lucky to have such a rich and wonderful life. There is nothing I can say that has already been said. Of course when a a ceramicist gets a obituary in the New York Times they are some one to remember.

A few things to address from Matt and Dave's Clays.

The first, is a big announcement coming soon for our customers in the Mid(dle) West. We will announce it soon.

For everyone else. As you know all of out products are available to you through direct shipping from the USPS. The USPS flat rate shipping is a great tool for us to get our clays to you quickly and affordably. As they promise 2-3 day shipping for all 50 states.

That said, we reside is chilly Alfred, New York. where winter has set in. So to minimize the possibility of freezing in the shipping process, we are going to restrict shipping on all orders to Monday and Tuesday. This way we can minimize the amount of time your clay will sit in chilly post offices. We are sorry for the delay in getting clay to your studio, but it is for the best.

That said, we have studied clay freezing and it is not a big deal. It has no effect on the quality of your clay. It may require a quick wedging, but you should be wedging your clay anyway ;)

Also, mark you calenders as Matt and Dave will be at NCECA 2012 in Seattle. We will be doing a presentation on the nature of Mid-temperature glazes. It should be pretty exciting and we hope to see you all there!