NCECA- Illedelphia

Hey All,

I'm back! New Hamster was great, Relaxing, playing with the kiddos.
We brought The Hounds (Flash and Sophie) who had a great time hunting chipmunks and snoozleing in the sun.
Now back to the real world and my dirt.

Last Night I got my conformation that our presentation for NCECA Philly has been accepted. We are going to be doing a presentation on clays entitled "Sexy Bodies:Making Excellent Clay" So I will see you all at the 44th Annual NCECA Conference being held at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 31 to April 3, 2010.
Everyone should plan on attending. If you don't know. Philly has turned into quite a ceramics town. Lots of great ceramicists like my friends Rob Sutherland and Michael Connelly, along with Facilities, like The Clay Studio, have turned it into the place to be for contemporary clay. Also showing that ceramics can exist in the city.

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