Socialist Party

Gabriel Contino designed these plates for cocktail party consumables. A nice evolution of these plates I posted a while back.

Via: Freshome


Sister Creek Potter said...

Pretty bowls, nice blog and thanks for dropping in on my all-too-infrequently-updated blog! I resolve to be more consistant in my blogging--but so far the resolutions have gone unfullfilled! Gay Judson

Anonymous said...

Wow Matt,
Cool Blog and I love the tour de France! Very cool information, I have you saved to check back!

Matthew Katz said...

Hi Gay,
Welcome, glad to have you. It seems to me that your blog is doing just fine!
Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you again.

Matthew Katz said...

Thanks for the kind words. How are things in CO? I went to grad school in Boulder and I miss it.