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Ayumi Horie

Kim Dickey

Hey Everyone.

If you haven't heard, The Archie Bray Foundation is having its first ever online fund raising auction. It is for a great cause, so get out there, bid early and bid often. The auction ends THIS FRIDAY @ 7pm MST (9 EST, 6 PST, Central, you can figure it out on your own!) There is a ton of great art by a list of who's who of friends of Slipcast blog. Check out this list, Killer. I know almost everyone on this list and I will vouch for them, Everyone of them a genius, a great artist and all around awesome person.

Chadwick Augustine
Robert Brady
Victoria Christen

Sam Chung

Michael Connelly

Chad Curtis

Kim Dickey

Marc Digeros

Sanam Emami

Diana Fayt

Christopher Gustin

Ayumi Horie

Matthew Kelleher

Gail Kendall


Michael Kline

Beth Lo

Lorna Meaden

Alleghany Meadows

Matthew Metz

Ron Meyers

Jeffry Mitchell

Jess Parker

Mark Pharis

Pete Pinnell

Joseph Pintz

Jeanne Quinn

Elizabeth Robinson

Jane Shellenbarger

Linda Sikora

Robert Silverman

Sandy Simon

Albion Stafford

Karen Swyler

Shoko Teruyama

Christina West

SunKoo Yuh

Everyone out there should know that The Bray is the preeminent ceramic art foundation on the US. They deserve our help, because even if you haven't been out to the Bray, The Bray has help you by advancing Ceramics in America.

Pete Pinnel

Here is the Link to the Auction.
Get yourself something pretty, you deserve it.

There are also THREE OTHER AUCTIONS (live,silent,cup) that will close this Saturday, so come on out to the 13th Annual Benefit Auction and the Brickyard Bash.


Steve said...

Hey Matt, Thanks for the awesome post! We really appreciate it. -Steve

Matthew Katz said...

No Problem Steve. Glad to do it. How are things?