Tea Time

Thursday is the the new Friday.

Mrs. Rose and I are off to New Hampshire for the weekend Or New Hamster, as our friend Corey referred to it as. Corey and I are both from Maine, so we look down on NH. We are going to hang out at the lake with the Nieces and Nephews, Aunt and Uncles, Sisters and Brothers. (Mrs. Rose has a large family).

Also, welcome to all the new readers. I'm glad to have you. The response has been great. The blogs list is already up to 358! Can we make it to 400?

BTW I have had a bunch of questions about the pots above from the Mattanddavesclays.com site. They are infact Mrs. Rose's She is super fantastic and a great potter. Unfortunately she does not have an Etsy shop yet, but I am needling her to get one up. I'll let y'all know when that happens. She is thankful for the compliments.

As some of you may know, my day job (aside from making Clay) is as a Ceramic Engineer and Materials teacher here in Alfred. So I designed the glaze for Mrs Rose. Unfortunately I created that glaze especially for her, so I am not at liberty to share it, but thanks for the interest.

Just a few Tea Specific links for now. As Tea is often a big deal with the clay set. I thought people would appreciate these.

Here is a collection of 14 interesting tea kettles/pots that I thought people would get a kick out of.

Here is a tea press cover by Denis Belenko . Meant to keep your finger dry. Interesting concept.

Finally a Story from the Onion. It Stings! But I think that is the best kind of Humor.

Fancy Man Enjoys Tea

YOUNGSTOWN, OH—Jason Baumer, a fancy little gent who is apparently too good to enjoy a regular cup of coffee, drank a cup of tea Sunday.

Fancy Man

The fancy man rests a placemat beneath the precious tea to protect his beautiful table from any errant drips.

The 29-year-old web designer prepared and consumed his precious tea, which is imported from some la-di-da foreign country, at about 10:30 a.m with the loving attention of a brittle, shawl-wearing spinster.

"I normally have some Earl Grey in the morning," said Baumer, referring to a kind of tea named after a guy who used to run around England in a powdered wig and fruity tights.

Read the rest of the story here


lindsey said...

new reader/fan/stalker. not a potter. but we find ourselves living in alfred after living in mississippi for ten years. the differences are astounding! ;)

Matthew Katz said...

Welcome to Alfred. It is a nice place.
Go to Google maps and Search for Alfred Transplant Survivors Guide

It is a list of important places that a friend and I started. It will give you a leg up on where to find the stuff you need. Be warned, everything here is far away, but you can find what you need,

Judy Shreve said...

Mrs. Rose's work is fabulous! (as well as the glaze). Is the work slipcast? & porcelain? Inquiring minds want to know.

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Those mugs are a very cool color.

Matthew Katz said...

Mrs Rose says thank you. She is currenly driving as we are on the road to NH. So I am crusing he blog on my phone. Some day I am going to have to get her to post on here herself.
The mugs are thrown, with slipcast handles. The tray is thrown and altered with a slab foot. Of couse all are made with Porcelain for the People, Cast Away Slip and Stuck Up Attaching Slip.

Alex Matisse said...

Matt, (or Matthew as you may prefer to be called)
I love your blog! It may be one of my favorite ceramic blogs out there. And there are lots. So different and amusing. None of the blah blah this is what I made today crap like I post on my blog. Anyways...as we used to say in New Hampshire when I lived there many years ago...new hampshah fa damn shah!

Anonymous said...

the onion story left me on pins and needles... love the onion

Matthew Katz said...

Hi Alex!
Welcome to the blog, Matt is fine.
I'm glad to have you. I'm happy you like what I do here. I guess I jus have a weird perspective on ceramics. I've worked in pots, and sculpture, And done the student and teacher thing. And I work in ceramic engineering. So I have a lot of stuff floating in my noggin about clay. Since Mrs. Rose and are are just clay dorks, I use the blog as an oulet, or all we would do is talk about clay all day.
Don't sell yourself short, you write a pretty sweet blog too.
Well, I'm off to the lake. I have to go throw in my neices and nephews. New Hamster is a pretty tough life.

Lauren Denney said...

hi, thanks for adding me to your blog. what a fab blog it is too, look forward to having a good look through it. thanks, lauren.