It's. It's, It's...a Major Award.

Another reason why the Tour de France is Awesome? What other major competition's award (besides a boatload of money) is a Porcelain Chalice? Only le Tour.

Congratulations to Contador, he rode a hell of a race.


Linda Starr said...

That is so cool, yes we need more ceramics awards.

Eugene Hon said...

Must be from National Ceramics Factory Sevres - I luv the entire racing experience (very well produced). The trip through the country (marketing France - especially the town and villages) and the applied tactics (by the riders) as well as constant information about the architecture and surroundings (some history) and the excellent information about the race itself.

Matthew Katz said...

I believe you are correct that it is from Sevres.

The real reason to watch the Tour is for images of the french country side. The HD this year was spectacular.

Although I feel like I should rescind my kind words about Contador after his statements on his team mates. Apparently he is a sore winner and a jerk.