Porcelain for the People. Get Some!

The Store is now open at www.mattanddavesclays.com ! You can get Boxes of Porcelain for the People, for only $28 shipped! We also have Cast Away Slip- 2 Gallons for $45 Shipped and Stuck Up, the Amazing Attaching and Building Slip for $12, Shipped.

We also have samples of Porcelain for the People available, the clay is free, all we ask is $6 for shipping.


We have heard the voices of the People, and we have a dedicated Mid-Temperature version of Porcelain for the People coming very soon. We are calling it The Coup and we think it is pretty great.

Here is the Art work. Pretty Snazzy Eh?


Alex Solla said...

Okay Matt- Now that I've tried the high temp porcelain, you're gonna make me try the mid-temp stuff too?? DAMN YOU!!

My apprentices went gaga over the cream cheese you sent last month. I threw a few teabowls and mugs out of it. Had some technical questions for you... ideas, etc... but I'll hold off till we see the new mid-fire stuff!!

Looking forward to writing a proper review of your mud. So far so good!

Matthew Katz said...


Glad everyone liked it. But I really want to come up with a metaphor other than "cream cheese" That is the 3rd time I had heard that in 2 days. Cream Cheese would be really floppy on the wheel ; P Porcelain for the people is tough!

The Coup will be exactly the same as Porcelain for the People. In terms of feeling and performance. I have just tweaked the fluxes to peak at Cone 5.

To really annoy you I am currently working on a Cone 04 version right now too.

Judy Shreve said...

I want the ^04 version! Yippee -- wish it were red though.

Matthew Katz said...

Reds have been researched. But I can't make them now as they would contaminate my process, and I want to keep everything, clean and the red clays don't play well with others.
Let me ask you, would you be interested in a vitrified Low fire body? I'm getting some promising results, but I'm not sure vitrification is viable at low temperature.

Judy Shreve said...

I would love a vitrified lowfire body. Tucker clays makes an earthenware vitrified body - but I've had a difficult time with that body & attachments. The frustration level has me looking elsewhere -- I understand the contamination problem, but I really like using the red clay bodies.
I would try your lowfire though & see how my glazes like it.

Alex Solla said...

Why you hatin' on the cream cheese?

How about chevre as a metaphor?

Your porcelain certainly was nowhere near as floppy as many I've tried. Generated a ton of throwing slurry almost immediately. Nice shrinkage. Even with uneven drying there was no cracking. Nice.

Seems like you have the particle size distribution down! Nice.

I'd be curious to see how different glaze fit is on the c6 body, as opposed to the c10 body you sent. We've had some crazing, but nothing more than say Bmix.

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Put me on the o4 waiting list. i've been looking for an excuse to go white and i'll be stoked to get started with your clay.
-good lookin blog, Matt.

Matthew Katz said...

Hey Steve,
Good to hear from you.
I'll be happy to hook you up with the 04 white when I get it out.
The pots are looking Damn Sexy these days, my man.

carolbarclay.etsy.com said...

i'd be quite interested in the midrange porcelain for the people. e-mail me when it's ready, please.