Keep it like a secret.

Hi all,

Weekend update. I hope everyone has had a great week. Mine has been fantastic, but exceptionally busy. The house purchase is going exceptionally well, the inspection passed with flying colors. So now on to the bankers and lawyers. I have made three trips to our mortgage man this week alone.

I have also had 3 trips to the Vet, ugh. Our eldest child, Flash was bitten by another dog on Monday night. He is ok, and I don't think the other dog was being malicious, just playing aggressively. The saddest part is that Flash is a Basset Hound, so the bite was in the ear. Poor guy, here is an embarrassing picture of him. He would hate me for posting this, if only he could read, use the Internet, or conceive of photography.

Next week is going to be busy too, I'm going to try to keep content coming, but next weekend is Mrs. Katz's Birthday, so we are heading down south for the festivities at the end of the week.

Also, we have had a flood of new visitors, so welcome all, join in the conversation, tell your friends about the blog and I hope you enjoy yourselves.

One last thing for the weekend. This is a USB stick, intended for private purposes. It is made out of porcelain, so it can be sealed with a wax seal. Pretty cool. Made by Marlies Romberg.

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Anonymous said...

poor dog... i had to have one on my dog before and they always seem to have that humiliated look on their faces.

Matthew Katz said...

Well, Bassets are professionals when it comes to the pitiful looks.
He is out of the cone now, but he is still exploiting the bandage to get extra treats. I'm such a sucker.