The Obama Chia Head....hmmmm
Well, it is made of clay. That means it gets a spot on Slipcast. Still...hmmmm

Here is a picture of the Commander in Chief, receiving one as a gift...I guess that makes it..OK?

Buy yours here.
Be warned, the site plays a loud video automatically.

Via: Doobybrain

BTW: Mrs Rose and I are on a Mini Vacation this week, so posts are going to be slow coming. I'll be back up full time next week.


Anonymous said...

those chia people are on the ball

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

That's funny

AnneW said...

ya gotta love it!

ANI said...

I WANT CHIA OBAMA! Can I have an early Christmas gift?

Matthew Katz said...

Ani, You'll have to wait and see... You have to get me Obama nesting doll, while you are over there. I hope Bo is the last one.