Phở -A long,long way to run.

Noodle dishes make me happy. Whether, Chinese, Italllian, or anything in between.
When Mrs. Rose and I head to a city, I always make it a point to get some noodles, as it is something that we don't have around here. Lanzhou Lamian has been my got to for a while. But, my obsession over the last few years has been Pho.

If you are not familiar with Pho (Click here for a pronunciation), it is a Vietnamese Noodle soup, and it is heaven in a bowl. Noodles, Clear Beef Broth, Citrus, Cilantro, I'm drooling already.
Again to the topic of food and clay, this bowl set is designed by Omid Sadri for Pho specifically. The realtionship between the food and the pot live symbiotically.

Via: Yanko Design
Find out more about Pho: Pho Fever


Anonymous said...

hi matt... love pho, my favorite thing to eat second only to avocados. i get it vegetarian though which strictly speaking i guess isn't pho (not sure)... i wish they served it in that kind of cool sectional bowl though.

Matthew Katz said...

But, but, but... What do you mean? No Tripe??? I don't understand? ; )

Anonymous said...

my aunt zizi made tripe for my grandpa when i was little and it always smelled so good (probably the homemade tomato sauce)... i used to try it and always thought it was like eating rubber bands

Matthew Katz said...

Oh yeah. bleah. Offal, it not my scene.
I bet Veggie Pho could be pretty great too.