Towers of Power

Oh the Dutch! is there anything they can't do. The made Mrs. Rose (and I am very thankful for that) and they figured out the most elaborate ways to celebrate flowers. These flower pyramids are re-interpretation of the forms made by Hella Jongerius, Jurgen Bey, Studio Job and Alexander van Slobbe

An original 17th century flower pyramids for ceramic manufacturers Royal Tichelaar Makkum

These peices were comissioned by the Royal Tichelaar in celebration of the restoration of a collection of original pyramids.

Via: Dezeen


cookingwithgas said...

Go with it.
It's all about the food and the pot. We can't eat or drink anything without thinking about what we will eat or drink it out of.
From the morning , fist cup of the day, mug. To the little bedtime snack. All pots are thought about. Servering- eating, company- potters, I would never serve a potter a dish with food in it. I put out a stack of plates, bowls drinking vessels and then it is up to the individual to pick the piece they need for the night. It is a need around here.
I have seen shows centered around food and know of potters who have done post cards or pictures with a pot full of good food.
I have found that most potters like to one- make pots- 2- talk about making pots 3 eat and drink out of pottery.
Well, what better form of art that you can use everyday.
I hope you do explore this.

cookingwithgas said...

PS- best on the house!