There is a lot of work that I am impressed by. It is not often when I see work that all I can think is Wow. I don't mean to be cynical, but part of my job as a teacher is a professional critic. In that it is my responsibility to be intrigued but objective. Some time I just have to admit that I am floored.

Today I was floating around looking at some random stuff, and All of a sudden I came across this work by Caroline Slotte. It is purely stunning. Well conceived and executed. And of all things it falls into my unofficial theme of Voids, for the last two days (see here and here).

What is sad is that I can't seem to find too much information on Ms. Slotte. What seems to be her offical website seems to be a dead link.

Here is a quote from her.

"In my current work I use found objects as a starting point for conceptual works in ceramics. Old objects, such as photographs, pieces of clothing or ceramics, have a way of directing our gaze to the past. They are symbols of the life stories of those who used them. From their markers I construct new stories. Memories play a pivotal role in defining who we are, as humans. In my work I wish to indicate the presence of time passed, in the human mind as well as in the objects that surround us. By giving the mute object a voice, I imbue mass produced items with a narrative capacity."

Nice, but it doesn't say too much.

Find another write up on her here.

As I said I just stumbled upon her this morning, so I haven't had much time to do research, but if anyone can find any more information on her pass it along.

Via: Sub-Studio Design


EmilyKate said...

Yes, WOW indeed!

barb jensen said...

That last image is killer. They are all great, really.

olivia monti said...

This work is Amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. I'm WOWing along !