A Wedgwood Issue

I think that fine China is unfortunately maligned by the ceramic maker community. I have never understood why so many potters scoff at or ignore the refined stuff. I love it! Fine china is the most miraculous stuff ever, the refinement and attention to detail is astounding, and the design is so well considered.
Wedgwood, is the best of the best, in my opinion. In fact we had a family battle over the family set of Wedgwood. My Mother had promised me the set (hey, I'm in ceramics) when my sister found out, she was none to happy. It turned into quite a row, good think none of the china was thrown at anyone in anger.
Of course if you know anything about the history of Wedgwood, you know all about the connections to Darwin (he is a family member) and their connection to the Abolitionist movement. They are famous for this subversive broach, worn by supporters of the movement.

So it is great to hear that the brand new Wedgwood Museum has been awarded the Art Fund Prize for Museums in England. An amazing accomplishment for a museum that is just a few months old.

Read and article about the award Here


grrrissa said...

Wedgwood was an amazing person and potter, but I only found that out after writing a paper for my ceramics instructor :]

This is a really awesome book about Wedgwood's life and business..

Mary Anne Davis said...

Yes, an early capitalist, entrepreneur and marketer. Thanks for posting this.