Casting a Wide Neti

I could not resist. Now I know these have been known in ceramic circles for a long time. In fact when I was an undergrad Invalid cups and Neti Pots were popular objects. I'm not making any medical claims about the value of this process. All I can say is that when I have a sore throat, Mrs. Rose makes me gargle with Salt water, and this seems to be the same process...in your nose.
The real reason I'm posting this is for a good Monday morning laugh. Watch the video, please. The facial expression of the woman in the demo is priceless. It seems like at sometime in her life she saw some things that she can't un-see. Enjoy

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AnneW said...

That has to be the happiest Neti pot user I have ever seen!

Thanks for adjusting your blog so the rest of us can leave comments too.