Let there be light

I came across this portable photo studio and thought about all of the ceramicists out there. I know that getting good images of your work can be difficult to do. Cramped spaces, dirty studios and not wanting to spend a fortune on lights and a backdrop. This system was intend for eBay-ers but I thought it might be ok for all of us.

Via: Book of Joe
by: Thinkgeek


Jeff Campana said...

This is just like the one I use. I have found this backrdop, http://www.phototechinc.com/graduate2.htm #928, 31x43 inches, to fit nicely inside and give a wonderful gradient. I can usually get 700 or so shots out of one before it needs replacement from scuffs.

Matthew Katz said...

Those are really nice.

Malea said...

I use the exact same kit. But I did just order a grey infinity board for the inside. Found the white and my light colored work were not so compatible.

Matthew Katz said...

White can really blow an image out.