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Hi All,
I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was thoroughly educational, I learned about fixing cars. Those of you who know me know my car. I drive a 15 year old Volvo with +250,000 miles, and have for a very long time. I love my car, even if it does smell, and has lots of problems, but it just keeps going. And I keep setting retirement dates for the car (...just make it through grad school...just make it past the wedding...) and the beast just keeps on chugging. Part of having an old car means that I neglect it. Much like the Aloe plant I mentioned the other day. The worse I treat my car the longer it lasts. Combined with the fact that I know nothing about cars.
So this weekend, my friend Dan and I took it upon ourselves to do some repairs, who are we kidding? Dan did the repairs while I handed him tools and watched. None the less I learned a hell of a lot, and feel pretty confident about working on the car in the future.
So onto the ceramics.
Today is going to be one of those random days, where all of my posts relate to ceramics with out specifically being about ceramics.

First is a video I found on neatorama.com about chemistry.
Many of you know my feelings on Chemistry. So excuse the mini rant.
Recently, someone asked me about whether it was important for glaze calc students to know chemistry?
/deep breath
People, it is important for everyone to know chemistry! It is the foundation of everything we do. I don't care if you are a newbie taking your first pottery class or a pro with 40 years of experience. Every time you place ceramics in a kiln and turn it on, you are committing acts of chemistry. I know Chemistry is hard! I always hate to admit this, because I was a good student, but the first time I took Chemistry I got a "D". A "D" and I loved my teacher. Hell, my Father's Undergrad degree was in Chemistry. And I still had a hell of a time wrapping my head around it. There is no doubt, it is hard. But, I can't tell you how many times I have heard "Well, I should know, but it is hard and I have gone this far without it. And I do just fine..." you know what.
Fuck you.
That's it.
I am so overjoyed, that you are happy with your ignorance. It gives me nothing but pleasure to know that you think that being lazy and not perusing imperative knowledge in your field is alright. Good for you, I hope you are proud of yourself. When you fail, don't come to me.
You are equivalent to a doctor who says. "Well I learned Physiology, but I don't think Pharmacology is important. I know that there are drugs out there. I'll just try some and see what works"...It is Dangerous! This might not be life and death of a person. but this is life and death for your work.
Take the time, do the work. It is good for you.

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