Revolutionay Ware

If you are in New England, Old Sturbridge Village, will be having a firing of their Bottle Kiln on June 13 (This Saturday!) They are doing a low temp, earthenware firing, but cool None-The-Less. There is a special "Evening at the Kiln" from 7-9Pm. Pre-registration is required and there is a cost for the event.
Link: Old Sturbridge Village Event

Also, a show is up now through January 2011 at Colonial Williamsburg featuring early American Stoneware. We often forget the importance of Stoneware in the history of Europe and Early America. For centuries, stoneware was it. It was the ware of the people. Porcelain was A) undiscovered and unattainable by Westerners. B) Where available, prohibitively expensive. So it was stoneware that aided in the development of modern lifestyles. Providing a durable ware that did not contaminate food, or grow bacteria and mold.
And if you haven't been to Colonial Willamsburg, you have to go. Admittedly I am a nerd. When I was 23 My friend Jane and I made a trek out to C.W. At that age, we should have been hanging out at the beach, or bars. No, we went to Colonial Williamsburg, and had a great time, thank you very much.

So get out there and live some history!

Article: Colonial Williamsburg Show

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