Celebrity Ceramisicts

We can add to the list of celebrity ceramicists. We know that actors Parker Posey and Barry Bostwick are both into clay, like the rest of of. This weekend I came across another celebrity doing the dirty deed.
Mathew Sweet, is a favorite of mine. When I was a DJ in High School, I played a lot of his music.I still remember pogo-ing my heart out to him at at a concert at Great Woods (Outside Boston). You may not know the name but, I guarantee you have heard his music. He is a power-popper who makes some great indie records, such as
Blue Sky on Mars-Where you get love.

and the seminal Girlfriend. Which I can't seem to find a clip of on Youtube, looks like a copyright fight. So here is a clip of the song from someone's High Score on Gituar Hero. Silly I know, but listen to the song. It is a classic.

Where everyone has seen him is as a member of Ming Tea with his frequent collaborator, Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles. Ming Tea is more commonly known as the backing band in all of the Austin Powers movies.

So, I found that Matthew is an avid potter and his work can be found at shops in Los Angeles. Under the name Lolina Art Pottery.
He even has a pottery section on his web site.
You can also read an article, with him talking about his relationship with pottery and music at crawdaddy.wolfgangsvault.com
And visit Lolina Pottery here.

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