More than meets the eye.

I am a total tech nerd. I love my computer and my iPhone...oh, how I love my iPhone. Yet, there seems to be a strange distance that is kept between ceramics and technology. Which has always left me puzzled as in my field of work, ceramics is extremely technological and scientific.
So, E3 the big computing and technology conference is going on right now. Computer company ECS has presented this full computer in the form of a Blue and white base. Of course this is not really clay, but it is a good disguise for a computer. It also has some good specs, an Intel Atom chip, 1Gb RAM, a HDMI port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, NVIDA ION graphics card and a Blu-ray drive. My favorite detail is the stand, it looks like they really studied the presentation of the vase.
Of cousre, please see my previous Delftware Computer post.
Via: Engadget

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