Lem is a ceramics collective out of Finland, formed at a gas station on the way to Helsinki. I think that is the best way to put a group together. I heard that Bachman-Turner Overdrive came together the same way.

This series is called the Animal Series and tells stories in everyday ceramic tableware through animals, creating new life and meaning for everyday common tableware. It reminds me of the cereal bowls, my next door neighbors the Cooneys had when I was a kid. There were small figurines glazed to the bottom of the bowl that you discovered as you ate.



John Bauman said...

You said to post any ceramic blogs not already on your list of 310. Here's mine:


(nice blog, btw. I've been following for some time now)

John Bauman

Matthew Katz said...

Thanks John,
I've added you now. Glad you like the blog. Nice pots. Glad you're here.