Four and Twenty Blackbirds...Well Just One

This pie plate with blackbird steam vent is precious. I wish I liked pie more. I am a cake man, through the last few years I have learned that there is a divide in this country. Cake vs. Pie. Now Pie is just fine, but cake, Cake is where it is at. In fact this makes me think that I should do a post on cake plates. Of course, Mrs Rose and I are on a serious slimming project so we can't eat any of it. Soon, my sweet, soon.

I also had to post this because of the description from the site that I originally found it on.

Pie Plate with Bird that Vomits Steam Via: Nerd Approved. Awesome.

You can find the plate at Taylor Gifts

*Update, for some reason Taylor gifts does not like it when I link to their page, but you can get there through the Nerd approved link*

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