Apparently, if you live in Southern California, and have anger issues, I have found the perfect place for you. Sarah's Smash Shack, is a place in San Diego (...I'm told it means Whale's Vagina...). Where for a fee, one can go and safely smash ceramics to your hearts content. But I'm sure that everyone reading this blog, can just go out to the studio and get the job done on thier own.
Good Times.

I have to say, it is the small overlooked ideas, that can be great ones. When I was in college, I used to work for a pottery. Every once in a while one of the ladies who worked on the floor would disapear followed by a chorus of smashhing and screaming. When I eventually inquired to one of my other co-workers what was going on. I was told that is young lady was having problems in her personal life, and the way she delt with it was to go out ot the shard pile, to Smash and Scream. It made her feel better.

Sarah's Smach Shack

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HeidiMCF said...

I always enjoy breaking work that hasn't turned out, it's fun. :)