Beth Cavener Stichter

Do you ever get pissed off by Art? I don't mean angry. I mean that when you look at art does it get you so flummoxed by your response that you just don't know what to say?

I think the most important aspect of observing art, is the visceral reaction. Meaning that reaction, that you like something or not. That simple; I believe the second we look at a piece, you know if it is good or not. I remember a few years ago I was wandering around Chelsea in NYC with some friends. We were checking out the galleries, and I was burning through them. Quickly walking past 95% of what we were seeing. I was driving my friend crazy, because she was stopping and observing every piece. I on the other hand, I was only stopping when I had a visceral reaction to a piece. It all goes back to the 5 second quandary. That is the notion that people observing art only look at it for 5 seconds before moving on. I am a firm believer that this is not only true, but imperative to understanding why some art is great and some is just ok.

The visceral reaction is the only thing I have to Beth Cavener Sticher's work. I first came across the piece below piece at NCECA in Indianapolis. I had never heard of her before that, and I haven't forgotten her since. I stood there staring at the piece for half an hour. I Just didn't know what to say, and I still don't.

Beth combines engaged concepts, fantastical figures, and great technique. The results are enraging...in a good way.
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