The distant future, The distant future...

These "Manga Ormolu" pieces were made by Canadian artist Brendan L.S. Tang. Combining blue and white with new robotic elements, he creates a parasitic evolution of the pot.

From his Artist statement.

"While Manga Ormolu offers multiple points of entry into sociocultural dialogue, manga, by
nature, doesn’t take itself too seriously. The futuristic ornamentation can be excessive, selfaggrandizing,
even ridiculous. This is a fitting reflection of our human need to envision and
translate fantastic ideas to reality; in fact, striving for transcendence is a unifying feature of
human cultural history. This characteristic is reflected in the unassuming, yet utterly
transformable material of clay. Manga Ormolu, through content, form and material, vividly
demonstrates the conflicting and complementary forces that shape our perceptions of Ourselves
and the Other."

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