As I have said. Mrs. Rose's continued association with Trikeenan Tile has given me a new appreciation of what tile is and how it works. It is amazing stuff and when done well, it makes a home better.
I was floored (HA!) when I saw these porcelain tiles from Mission Stone and Tile. Imparted with wood grain patterns and appropriate surfaces, they really seem to work well. And to re imagine what flooring can be.
Via: Apartment Therapy


Alex Solla said...

Everyone I have showed these porcelain tiles to have had a slew of questions.... where can they be purchased?, how do they feel?, do you mortar them down?, grout?,

I think they are the coolest thing I have seen in a while though!

Also wanted you to know your clay arrived this weekend and as soon as work is fired I'll send you a little something. What would make you smile?

Matthew Katz said...

Hi alex
My wife and I were just debating the same questions. The only one I can answer is that they are sold by a place in tennesse. But I don't know if they make them or just sell them.
I would assume mortar and grout, but hard to say.
Glad you got the clay. Did you use it? Did you like it?
Oh, a little mug or cup would be lovely, but pictures and an endorsement or blog post is all I need. ( that is, if you love it : )