Water filters are a big deal. A lot of people that I help out have been working with have been designing water filtration devices. Some have been focusing on on the objects like recent grad Liz Sparks and how they function and some have been working on the science behind the water treatment. I don't know enough of the process, but people have been using Charcoal, Iron Bearing Clays, and Colloidal Silver. On a side note, don't use Colloidal Silver. It may kill bacteria, but it will turn you blue, Like this guy (Please click the link, it is amazing!) I'm not kidding, I have seen this happen in person.
Either way, clean water is really important. We take this for granted in the developed world, but there are millions if not billions of people in the world who don't have clean water to drink. Clean water makes all the difference. One of my favorite facts, is that the reason why China and India have such huge populations...Tea. It was the discovery of tea and the boiling of water that is required, that caused the population boom, That is the power of clean water.
So these are some interesting Ceramic Water filters I have found. Of course these are a little fancy for developing nations, but I do love the pretty things!
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