Stand and Deliver, Ladies!

The topic of the female urinal rears its ugly head again. We have discusses it previously here and here and it is one of those fascinating concepts. There is no doubt that there is a inherent gap in functionality between the sexes in the world of sanitary ware.

Artist Christin Johonsson tackles the concept in a new and (possibly) functional method. Not having the correct hardware I could not say if this was actually functional. But it raises a new question, for the ladies in the audience. If you could use a female urinal, would you? I'd be really fascinated to know. Urinals are consistently dirty and although I often hear the complaint that women's restroom are worse than men's. I can't imaging that a female urinal would improve the situation. Also, height would be an issue; as an exceptionally tall man, I can tell you that most urinals are mounted somewhere around my ankles. 

So what do you think ladies? Would you if you could?


lindsey said...

would not, could not! i simply adore coming to this site. i never know what i will be met with.
happy monday!


Matthew Katz said...

Thanks Lindsay!
I hope you had a good weekend. Perfect Weather. Of course I spent it all inside packing...

nickandmiri said...

I have to say that I'm flabbergasted that this device was designed by a woman. I'm with Lindsey. Couldn't, wouldn't, makes no sense to me whatsoever. Think about how women dress, think about anatomy (or as you said, "hardware"), think about how women pee (umm TP?) then stop thinking about it! Bathroom porn indeed... ;-) Thanks for the chuckle. Miri

Matthew Katz said...

Ah, the clothing. I hadn't considered the clothing.
There is only one answer. Redesign the entire notion of pants, of course.

Elly said...

I have no idea whether I would use it or not, depends how desperate I was for a wee.

Music festivals in the UK now have a tent marked 'Female Urinals'. So obviously some people are using it.
However, isn't the concept meant to be that women can now go in any urinal, making it useless to have separate mens/womens urinals. I thought the basic concept was meant to level out the ability to, for example, piss up trees instead of women having to squat.

There's a whole heap of gender/lack issues here that basically boils down to one issue - necessity to pee and urgency.

Jesse Lu said...

Um... we don't all walk around in dresses sans undies every day so how the hell would we pull clothes up and down and over just to squat over that thing without touching it (the inevitably piss covered 'it'). And hello... what about ladies whose thighs touch each other? All I can say is I would pee all over myself it I had to use that thing so no thanks. I'll stick with seat covers for now. LOL.

studioterrafemina said...

Hmmm... I think the novelty would wear thin ... fast.

I would use it. I wear skirts. I have one pair of bluejeans and wear them for a few minuets and get 'them' un-comfy things OFF pronto.
Now back to the subject at hand.
I would have to see one to know for sure. Discretion would go out the window for certain if the Pee-ee (or should that be pee-er?) wears pants!
Frankly this post is funny enough to stall my this comment writing from chuckling so hard to myself.
There are few that have said potters have potty humour and I think this proves it... wouldn't you say?
Gawd that was fun!
Thanks for the laugh.