Atlanta Clay Representing!

I love Atlanta.

First, I was born in Atlanta. Piedmont Hospital. January 16th, Mrs. Katz still refers to that as the day her life changed...for the worst.

Second, The Varsity. The best Onion Rings on the Planet.

But the most important reason Atlanta is awesome?


All of you Peaches need to head over to Atlanta Clay, Right Now!. Step away from the computer and go to 3131 Presidential Dr. I'll be here when you get back, so go now. Because if you wait it will all be gone. Then there is nothing I can do to help you. Sorry.

Atlanta Clay is stocking the full Porcelain for the People line.

A) The Clay, The greatest Porcelain you have ever used! The Porcelain that works like a stoneware. Don't be afraid, Don't be gun shy. Porcelain for the People does what you want it to do. Throw it, Hand build it, Pinch it, It is all good.

B) Stuck Up-The Amazing Attaching Slip. A secret of industry for years. A slip that allows you to attach without scoring. And It can do so much more, draw, build and invent.

C) Cast Away Slip-A Casting Slip that works like a dream.

All three of these are designed to work perfectly together! Want slip cast handles on a thrown mug? You're welcome. Do you want a platter standing on feet made of slip cast Doll Heads? No Applause, please.

Porcelain for the People does it all, and now you can get it right there in Atlanta.

Visit the Atlanta Clay Website

And get yourself to

Atlanta Clay
3131 Presidential Dr.
Atlanta, Ga 30340


Judy Shreve said...

I didn't know you were a GA boy at heart -- that explains a lot -- teehee!

Atlanta Clay is awesome -- they are the best!!

Matthew Katz said...

I have to admit that I did not live there for long, but I was born there.

But Mrs Katz, was eating that GA food, drinking that GA water, and breathing that GA Air while I was baking. So I think it was implanted in me.

I was raised in Maine, so you can call me a Maine-iac.

Allison Kruskamp said...

Atlanta Clay is the first place I ever purchased Porcelain for the People. It's hard to miss...there's practically a whole wall dedicated to M&D's clay.
ATL Baby...what what?!